You know the sailing’s been bleak when about  the only action shots I have to share are of my dog.  And she’s definitely getting better air than I have lately.  Wooof. 

    The bonus photo section is from Retz creek on the 30th of September.  It was the last time I did any shooting and might give you an idea how long it’s been since we got the crew together for a sesh.  Sure there were a couple sweet Jetty days right at the beginning of October but I missed getting any shots of that for you.  Was too busy trying to catch every single wave that I could.  Good thing too, especially considering it was about to be mostly shut down for nearly a month. 

    So that’s Kenny going for it on his new Quantum.  Then Jason on the slash down toward Cole Point and Jeff working out on a smooth one.  

    Here’s the long view to the south of Retz looking past the channel and down toward Cole Point.   Too bad there isn’t better access to that break because it’s looking really good down there a lot. 

    And this parting frame is from the last day of October on the north side of the Rogue Jetty.  Pretty good fun and madd beautiful.  Everything from sunshine to pelting squalls.  Just wish I’d brought my 4.2 (deja vu?) because I could have gotten another fifteen minutes of sailing right up until it got dark if I had.  They totally came through on that gale warning and it was blowing to fifty early that evening. 

    My October stats: 


    So I ended up with seven days with some surfsailing, though only four of those brought with them much in the way of satisfaction or progress.  There were a couple more days with sandsailing and just a couple more where I consoled myself with some skatesailing. 

    Perhaps I should extend another apology I didn’t get you more in the way of photography but I’ve been pretty distracted of late for sure.