It is of course, not over till it’s over.


This from Crescent City during a storm the middle of October and one of the few days I had in October.  Had a 4.5 and a 3.5 rigged around the corner and just toggling between them.  I was wishing I had a 4.0 up too there for awhile.  And I almost put it up but then it went 3.5 again.   Pretty much drilled rain the whole time too.   

    These photos thanks to Tigi shooting from the parking lot at K. Rock on 12/8, during a break in the rather monsoonal rain. 

So it was a mixed story from the Groundhogs and it's just as hard to say from what we've been seeing on the south Oregon coast.  Now it’s feeling like deep winter again as it went from California conditions to blowing small craft to storm force for a week with some fairly biblical rain.  (All too much of which I've missed as work, dogs, injury, temperatures there for awhile and fairly bizarre wind cycles have conspired to deny.)  But last Friday at Pipe was unreal and I did finally get to ride that 88 in some decent waves yesterday.  This was a rare chance to catch K rock blowing Kona with only moderate current flowing.  It's actually breaking quite sweet when it’s not all closed out.  The surfers have been on it too.  I'm sure it's going to be an entirely different scene today though.  Ahhhhhh but that board is rocking my little world in a huge way and all I can think about is getting to ride it in the Cape.     _____________\_        

                                                                                                                                                This photo courtesy of Trina and her phone at K. Rock 2/8 

    And this was a tasty little score on 1/18 down at Pipe.   With much gratitude out to Tigi for enduring both the storm and four dogs to be there to shoot these for you.  Sure it was a rigging fest (5.0-5.3-5.0-4.5-4.0 and I would have had to rig 3.5 to continue but called it as I was getting cold and making mistakes.) but the carry is only about two dozen paces from the parking lot.  And it was so worth it to get my first rides on a new to me Teboul custom that is rocking me heavily.  I was needing a little satisfaction so large and this sesh went far to get me through.   

    When it got even lighter on the inside, I came back for some bigger stuff and snuck back out for a couple more.  I’m for sure loving every chance I get to ride that new Fringe proto.

    Yeah, come sailing with me and I’ll let you take her for a couple waves if you catch me taking a break.